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ENGINEERED DATA LLC custom builds scaleable software solutions across a wide array of platforms that enable clients to reach their financial, medical, logistical, legal and research goals. Funds acquired from software development activities self-fund development of niche-dominating, best-in-class systems + inventions.

DIFFERENT BUSINESS MODEL = DIFFERENT OUTCOMES: Our business model is the polar opposite of what most Venture Capitalists + large Corporations follow. Their business decisions are made usually by a CEO with minimal "dirt under the fingernails" operational experience making managerial decisions without first soliciting input + opinions from those on the front-line actually carrying out the organization's mission. Ours are made collectively by subject matter experts where consensus is required before decisions are made.

VCs + Corporations run their operations much like General MacArthur ran the Pacific Campaign during WWII. MacArthur had an abundance of resources and >50,000 men, but practiced top-down management and couldn't hold the Philippines. We operate like Claire Chennault. Chennault had a fraction of MacArthur's resources + only 70 men at any given time, but held off the entire Japanese Imperial Air Force by rapidly integrating tactics proven successful on the front line.

When the front line leads, implausibly good things happen.